Commercial Litigation & Arbitration

Our attorneys handle a wide variety of commercial litigation matters on both sides of the docket. We aggressively pursue the rights of companies against other businesses and former employees who infringe on their corporate rights. We also routinely represent corporations that need help defending and pursuing claims for breach of contract, corporate espionage, tortious interference, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and similar business litigation causes of action. Our attorneys focus not just on claims; they counsel businesses in risk management and other preventative measures to limit potential exposure relating to commercial litigation.

Commercial & Business Litigation

Attorneys in our commercial and business litigation practice are focused on the key objective of protecting our clients’ businesses. We have experience in complex matters and all types of contract disputes, simple and complex commercial disputes, class actions, and other areas.

Business Dispute Resolution

Disputes happen in business relationships. When they do, our firm pursues positive and efficient resolutions to contract, partnership, and other business conflicts. Our attorneys are both business advisors and sharp legal counselors, and use those skills to help determine the right course of action to achieve a favorable resolution. Our team has experience in all types of business conflicts including business partner dissolution, shareholder dissolution, employment disputes, franchise issues, manufacturer disputes, and more.

Fair Debt Collection Disputes

Clients rely on our business acumen and legal skills to guide and defend what is rightfully theirs. We assist in disputes involving debt collections, backed by our knowledge and deep understanding of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and other applicable state and federal regulatory frameworks.

Professional Liability Disputes

Insurance brokers, physicians, and other professionals rely on our attorneys to help defend professional malpractice and professional malfeasance claims. We work to manage disputes early for minimal business interruption and reputation management. When needed, our attorneys provide defense for professionals in the courtroom, before regulatory bodies, in arbitration hearings or mediation proceedings. We have even provided aggressive litigation defense at the appellate level.

We have handled all types of claims brought against professionals and we take pride in our ability to bring these matters to a successful resolution that is aligned with our clients’ objectives.

Client Perspectives

  • Defense Litigation

    “We rely on Bush + Ramirez to handle our cases when incidents occur, often retaining the firm as early as minutes after an incident. We know we are getting very experienced and skilled representation from engagement through trial.” –National retailer