Trucking industry clients need experienced attorneys when faced with nuanced, complex and high-stakes litigation involving serious injuries or fatalities.

Trucking companies, freight forwarders, leasing agencies, common carriers, and owner- operators across the nation turn to the attorneys of Bush + Ramirez to defend them in transportation litigation. Our team is often contacted immediately after an incident for rapid-response deployment. We quickly gather evidence from a scene or through court orders, and
are knowledgeable about detailed federal regulations and state law.

We deliver outstanding results for our trucking clients for three major reasons.

Experience: Our veteran attorneys understand all aspects of Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations and how they apply to incidents involving tractor-trailers, box trucks, dump trucks, mixer trucks, hazardous materials trailers and other motor carriers. We have successfully litigated hundreds of cases involving personal injury or death in 18-wheeler trucking accidents.

Rapid response: Evidence must be gathered and defensive strategies developed in a time-sensitive manner. Major carriers and owner operators trust Bush + Ramirez to get to an accident scene and secure crucial data, such as electronic control modules (ECMs).

Knowledge: Our lawyers know how Texas law limits liability in transportation cases. We’ve defended national carriers, drivers, fuel hauling companies, trailer leasing companies and concrete mixing companies in dozens of catastrophic injury and fatality cases. Our extensive knowledge of the transportation industry and law is the foundation of the comprehensive defense services we provide our clients.

Bush + Ramirez attorneys have represented clients in all types of transportation incidents, including:

  • Defense of trucking company in fatality collision involving two tractor/trailers. Jury found no negligence on defendant’s behalf. The jury was asked to award over $1.5 million in damages.
  • Defense and trial of countless motor carriers and drivers in wrongful death and catastrophic injuries involving trucking accidents.
  • Defense of national motor carriers in multiple injury cases across the State of Texas.
  • Defending concrete mixer trucks and concrete manufacturer in multiple fatality and plant accident cases.
  • Defense of fuel hauling carrier in multiple catastrophic injury cases.
  • Defense of trailer leasing companies in catastrophic injury cases.
  • Defense of suppliers and motor carriers in load incident cases.